August 21, 2008

Dialog:City is an arts and cultural event that catalyzes civic discourse by inviting internationally renowned artists and designers to create participatory, interactive, and dialogical site-specific works in neighborhoods across the city of Denver for citizens and audiences of the greater Denver region. From political Karaoke, digital projections of Veteran stories from a Humvee, and a technology hip-hop opera on the climate impact on Antarctica - Dialog:City is a cutting-edge convergence of art and public life.

Inspired on the occasion of the City of Denver hosting the Democratic National Convention, Dialog:City is a non-partisan creative and civic catalyst whose mission is to spark dialogue across the city through innovative cultural initiatives.

Mass Studies was invited to participate, and our project Air Forest is on display during the event for the public to enjoy.

Dialog:City exhibitions are open to the public over the week of August 21 to August 29th.

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