APAP 2010 
July 16, 2009

Minsuk Cho is a guest speaker at the APAP2010, 1st Conference: Ecology of Urban Development: Working with Communities.

"APAP", the abbreviation for Anyang Public Art Project, promotes urban planning led by art and culture. Based upon this planning, APAP carries out its mission to infuse vitality to the city for the local community and provide citizens with a creative environment. APAP differentiates itself from other outdoor sculptures that have been detatched from local community due to their out-of-contextness and placeness. APAP2010 is organized by the artistic director Kyong Park.

Beginning from year 2005, APAP holds bi-annually. The inauguration will take place in October 2010.

Location: Anyang University
Duration: 16/07/2009~18/07/2009

APAP website: http://apap.anyang.go.kr/
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