New Trajectories: Convergent Flux, Korea 
February 5, 2010

Boutique Monaco is 1 of 28 projects selected for the "New Trajectories: Convergent Flux, Korea" exhibition at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design!

Convergent Flux, Korea is the first cross-disciplinary exhibition on Korean Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning and Design mounted in the United States. The contents of the exhibition draw from the continuously emerging and hybridized condition in contemporary Korean society that has offered such a fertile and dynamic territory for experimentation. Twenty-eight recent projects that exemplify the rising distinction seen in Korean design work will be displayed in relationship to the complex contemporary issues that inform the work.

The exhibition is co-curated by John Hong and Jinhee Park with Hailim Suh as advisor.

Exhibition: New Trajectories: Convergent Flux, Korea
Location: GSD
Dates: February 5 ~ March 7, 2010

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